Saturday, 25 December 2010

A Very Merry Christmas!!

Well, at long last Santa Paws has been and visited. Us pups had a nice early morning walkie in the crisp snow (and at minus 11 degrees it was VERY crisp indeed!)followed by an early breakfast of treats including luncheon meat, markies and two chocolate wuffles each! Bliss...we like Crimbo. We have all gotten into the spirit of things and so here are a few more photos of us getting into Crimbo mood. Before we leave you to see us in our festive photos, we would all like to wish you a very Merry Christmas (or Catmouse if you are of a feline persuasion) and a peaceful and Happy New Year.
Love from all at Beauclarke Mews.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Snowy Pics As Promised

Well as we promised you here are some snowy pics, we have about 7-8 inches of the white fluffy stuff down at the moment and we are loving it! A big thank you to Dad who risked life, limb and hypothermia to snap these pics of us frolicking in the winter wonderland. (Mum has man-flu and was still in bed when Dad took us out this morning...twice!)But we still love her! OK, time for some pictures and video clips of us enjoying the winter landscape...oh, and by the way, Pixie has not eaten the Christmas Tree yet so well done her for containing herself! I wonder if it will remain all in one piece if mum and dad go out (not that they can at the moment because we are snowed in and at minus 9 degrees C, the snow isn't going anywhere either!)

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Its Snowing!!!!

Oh dear, its snowing...our bellies are covered up when we go out! We're quite jealous of Buddy Bear with his long legs when its like this outside! Mum and Dad are going to take some pictures of us in the snow when we have our walkies again tomorrow. We're all snuggled up for the day now. But here's one mum snapped of Penny investigating the white stuff..

Mum and Dad have been putting up the crimbo decorations, Pixie helped lots!

Here are the Beauclarke Bunch Official Crimbo Photos 2010

Watch out for more snowy pics of us soon!!!

Monday, 13 December 2010

A series of fortunate and unfortunate events!

Mum has a lot of explaining to we'll let her go first...... Life has once again been rather hectic here at Beauclarke Mews. But I need to back track to Easter 2010 to begin my explanation of things as they have transpired.... One day I woke up and decided that I wanted to be a dog trainer. I went to Crufts and found a couple of associations that offered training to become dog trainers. I chose The British Institute Of Professional Dog Trainers and booked to do a week long residential course. I was told that as I had no training experience that I would likely not achieve qualification, most of their students come from training schools already set up and running. I quickly booked Louis into a local training school and went along to see what went on, from session one I decided that I could do things a whole lot better.... I went away on the residential course and it was such hard work it very nearly killed me. I took my boy Louis with me and it was an eye opener to say the least. We arrived and everyone there was walking around with perfectly trained border collies, German shepherds and the like...and there was me with a tiny Cavalier who had just mastered 'sit'!! I very nearly got straight back in the car and came home again...what was I thinking??!! But I'm proud to say that I hung in there and despite being physically, mentally and emotionally wrecked I did in fact pass the course!! (Not everyone passed, some with years of training experience did not make the grade, to say the course and examinations were tough would be an understatement. It wasn't all good though, as part of the week we got to do Bronze Level Citizenship with our dogs and Louis was the only dog there who failed!! He just would not wait to go through a doorway!

When I got home again I decided that because the course had nearly killed me I was not going to waste the qualification, and so I went about setting up a dog training business. Enter DY5 K9 Puppy & Dog Training Academy which opened its doors to the first students on June 22nd, with a one hour training class once a week. Things have moved on since the and now we run 5 training sessions over 3 days a week. I have some wonderful people helping me, so a special mention goes to Rob and Nicki. I have taken and passed with Distinction a level 3 diploma in Canine Studies and also a Diploma in Dog Psychology, again passes with Distinction. I am currently studying a Diploma in Canine Communication, another in Animal Healing and also a Canine Massage Diploma. DY5 K9 has expanded to incorporate The Dizzy Pup Pet Care Shop and now SoulCandyK9 - massage and complementary therapies for dogs and humans. Interested parties can see more at the following websites:

DY5 K9 has just hosted its first annual dog show and raised a wonderful £300 for the PDSA. It was a HUGE success with 37 dogs entered...way beyond the 15 or so we were anticipating! Here's a short video clip of the show.

Mum went back to work part time in November after a long battle to get her angina better controlled, but both her parents are not well and so she made the decision to leave work to look after them. She has her training empire to keep her busy and also will do some hourly paid teaching a few hours a week to make ends meet.

Lilly had her 4th birthday on December 6th and Louis is fully recovered following his knee surgery. Charlie on the other hand is still struggling with his leg and is back at the vets this week...Mum has PROMISED to blog at least once a week now that she has more time available to do so..., so watch this space.....

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Charlie goes under the knife, Pixie is in season and Penny is 3

Finally Charlie has his surgery. Its been a looong wait in the hope that he could lose a little weight first but he managed to gain weight despite swimming twice a week in addition to his walkies. He had his operation on Wednesday and today has to go back and see uncle Steve for his bandage to be removed and a cartrophen injection. Brudder Louis will be going along with him for moral support and his cartrophen injection as well.

Pixie came into season for the first time earlier this month and has handled the whole thing rather well. The boys have been pretty good with her too, but they are all neutered!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Penny who is 3 today! Special Chudgy Chocs all fact Penny was singing this morning...'Happy birthday to me, today I am three, I'm going to eat chocolate for breakfast and tea!' Hmmmm, she probably would if we'd let her, she's a chocolate monster!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Butter wouldn't melt.....

Especially for Daddy....

The Wild Beastie Louis gets his appetite back...

The Wild Beastie Louis gets ready to sleep off his meal....

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Brudder Louis has had his bandage off. Uncle Steve the vet is very happy with his progress so far.....but he's had to be prescribed a sedative as he's still being a nutter! Despite having a broken leg, all pinned and wired, he's still going nuts for a walk and keeps jumping onto his favourite spot on the back of the sofa. So he has an extra pain killer and sedative to try to calm him just a little bit...its not working! Mum has put him a t-shirt on so that he doesn't get at his leg wound, and take out his own sticthes. She may have to chop off all 4 legs to keep him still and rested! Oh poor Brudder Louis..he just wants to run and run and run and run. He'll be up and playing with his frisbee in no time..Here he is modelling his 'Santa's little helper t-shirt...only 16 weeks to Crimbo by the way!!

Daddy came to see Charlie swimming yesterday and ended up buying mum some Cavalier goodies in the form of a metalwork bust and a lead holder with a Cavlaier head on it...Mum says its Dad's fault for noticing them becasue she hadn't seen them there! Of course she's very happy to add to her Cavalier goodies collection

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Louis gets Surgery and the Rest of us a Bath!

Hello Beauclarke Fans, What a crazy couple of days its been.... culminating with Louis needing surgery today. On Monday we had all gone for a good old romp at the Bark and Louis and Pixie had bolted off chasing their Frisbee (well its Louis' Frisbee, but Pixie gives him a good run for his money...she's quick for a little pup) Any way, when they were running back mum noticed that Pixie was well in front of Louis, unusual as they normally keep pace. When he got a little closer mum noticed he was running on 3 legs, his back right leg was off the ground. When she had a look, his knee was dislocated (same knee as our brudder Charlie is having trouble with). She popped the knee back into place and popped Louis on his lead for awhile, he seemed OK so she let him off again, off he went running and out came the knee...this happened three times altogether so when we got back home mum took Louis to see Uncle Steve our vet. Uncle Steve gave him a good check over and an appointment was made for surgery on September 14th. Louis wasn't allowed out again that day. The next morning mum took us all out and Louis leg dislocated again before we had even crossed the road, but his leg stuck out of joint this time, so she carried him home and phoned Uncle Steve who agreed to operate today. Here is Louis post-op today....we know he's feeling poorly but we lurve his lime-green bandage! Buddy went off to the groomers....Here he is before..... and after....... and mum and dad stuck 3 of us in the bath...only Penny survived the multi groom... .... but only because there was no more room in the bath!!Charlie didn't really need a bath seeing as he's getting 2 a week when he goes swimming at his hydrotherapy sessions, but he is a real water baby now and insisted he got in with Lilly and Pixie! So we are all clean and tidy (except Penny who will get groomed tomorrow) and our brudder Louis is all bandaged up. He will be OK but he can't have very much exercise for several weeks, until his leg has healed properly. So no more mad dashes at the Bark for a little while. And that's all for now folks... Lots of love The Beauclarke Bunch.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Welcome to Little Man Doug

The Beauclarke Bunch would like to say a big hello to little Chihuahua Doug! A new mwmber of the Lilley household..until mum steals him away that is..hehehehhe

Charlie swims and a sad farewell

Hello Beauclarke Fans! Well, not too much to report. Charlie has been swimming to help build some muscle tone in his legs and also to help shed some excess weight. As you can see, the little fella LOVES it

He's swimming twice a week until Uncle Steve sees him again in October. We'll let you know how he gets on.

Mum's still not well enough to work but we like having her home so we don't mind, but we think she will be leaving us again in October. She'd better buy us some big bones to keep us happy!!

We have had to say a very sad farewell to our cat brother and bestest cat friend Rumblepuss. He was 11 but had been FIP symptomatic for about 2 years. He battled long and hard against this horrible disease, but mum took him for his last vet visit on August 3rd, it was time to have to say a dignified good bye to the most cat-like, friendliest puss ever. The humans laps are empty without him and we miss his furry cuddles too. He loved us pups as much as we loved him and could often be found curled up asleep in Buddy's fluffy tail, or next to us in our basket.

Goodnight little brudder cat, we all miss you

Sunday, 1 August 2010

We've been to the BARK!

Hello Beauclarke Fans!

Today we went to the Bark.....ok, it is our local PARK..but mum and dad call it the bark....this video clip might explain why...

And here we are having a sniff around!!

As you may well know we have a few catty friends (15 to be precise) Now we have lots of toys and things, and love to curl up on someones lap or the sofa's...but honestly...cats!!! What do they love most of all?...cardboard boxes.....Here's Mr P (aka Peigan) in his special box

and this is Felix, Willow and Millie all snuggled up

and finally...move over's Mr Socko, Spike, Willow and Donut all loved up.

and we thought felines were supposed to be fussy.. Mind you, Dad did get the fright of his life the other day when the watering can moved and out crawled Willow! Quite how (or why) she managed to crawl into that tiny space is anyone's guess

Poor Charlie is in trouble again. Both his back knee caps are dislocating. Subluxating patellas (slipping knee caps) is not uncommon in the breed. Lilly has had both her knees repaired in the past and now it looks as though Charlie will be following suit...but, our little man isn't quite little enough and had to shed a few kilos before he can have his is he with a typical snack

Now we have to cut down on all the treats and he gets carrots instead of his usual treats....trouble is mum likes raw carrots too so its kind of one for you...and one for me...when mum dishes out the carrots!

Pixie is growing at a rate of knots and is looking more and more like a proper Cavalier every's double trouble...

Mum's been busy organising a fun dog show for this Christmas to raise funds for the PDSA Pounds for Pets appeal.....its going to be really fun with lots of classes to be entered....I wonder if its cheating if we all go???

Well, that's all for now fans..


Friday, 9 July 2010

Uh Ho!

Uh ho ...Where does the time go???....Its been a month and not a peep from us...we're so very sorry but it has just been sooooo hot that all we have wanted to do when we come back from our walks is sleep, sleep and sleep some more!

Charlie is still having to see the vet for his leg as one minute he is walking just fine and the next he is limping really badly again. He is having weekly cartrophen injections and pain killers. The vet thinks that it should be fine in time, and that Charlie is not likely to need surgery...lets hope so!

Louis has had a bad ear as well, but that's all ok now. He hasn't been able to have his booster while he's been on his medication but he can have it next week all being well.

Mum took Lilly to a companion dog show the other day. It was their first time at a dog show of any kind (except Mum has been to watch Crufts a couple of times but that doesn't count!!) Lilly was entered in 3 classes all with a large number of entries (13,13 & 17) but she came 5th in the class for the Prettiest Bitch and won a nice rosette and a couple of chewy treats. The main reason Mum went along was because she wants to organise a dog show in the future to raise funds for a charity or two, and now she knows what goes on, she has set the wheels in motion and begun the process of organising a show. There's still much to sort out, but its all going well so far. The main problem will be finding a suitable venue (if anyone has any great ideas then they would be most appreciated!. We're also wanting a vote on which charity/charities to choose, so far we have come up with....
The Blue Cross, Bromsgrove Adoption Centre
Hounds for Heroes
Pets as Therapy
CAARS Animal Sanctuary, Essington
Sunnyside Kennels (Birmimgham Dogs Home)
Dogs Trust
If anyone has any ideas or would like to cast a vote then let us know at

If anyone has Your Dog magazine then look out for Mum and all us pups on Page 15 of the August edition (out now)!! We will be organising autographs to be sold on E-bay in the near future!! LOL!!!

Well that's us all updated!

Woofs and Wags from The Beauclarke Bunch XXXXX

Sunday, 6 June 2010


Just to let you all know that Charlie is still limping and his leg is still turned outwards but is improving. At the moment he's playing tug with Pixie which is a sign he's on the mend! He hasn't been sick at all since he started his new medication and he's only been a very short walk of a few yards along the grassy gully way at the side of our house. The rest is doing him good.

Lilly had a bath yesterday in an aloe vera based shampoo and seems more comfortable now. Mum will sort out getting her shaved into that summer cut now she has her new clippers and blades. Now its a little cooler it will be a more pleasant task as the groom room gets quite warm in the sun! We'll get some pictures for you when its done.

Love The Beauclarke Bunch

Saturday, 5 June 2010


We are very sad to have to tell you that Scoobie bunny was put to sleep on Wednesday. Its a relief to know that he is no longer in any pain or discomfort and that he's now happily playing with his cage mates who have gone to Rainbow Bridge before him. Us pups all said our goodbyes to him when he mum was holding him while dad sorted out trying to make his cage more comfortable for him. Scoobie was a gentleman of a bunny rabbit and we will miss him. Of our rodent family there remains just Bubble the Gerbil now. While mum and dad would love another family of piggies and bunnies, they have enough to be getting on with looking after us 6 pups and the 15 resident kitties and 2 regular strays that they feed.

Mum has had to go back to the vets for some different medicine for Charlie because his pain killer was making him sick. Instead of a tiny bit of liquid, he now has to have 2 BIG tablets instead twice a day!

With Lilly having 2 lots of tablets twice a day as well, we're running low on our stock of soft cheese triangles..what a shame! We all hope mum forgets to buy any more when she's shopping tomorrow because she'll have to hide the tablets in doggy chocolate instead!! mmmmmmm.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Update on Charlie

Last night, about 430am, Charlie woke mum up yelping. It appears that his shoulder had popped back into place on its own. He still went in to see the vet and had his x-rays done, and the good news is that the joint is as it should be and not out of place. He has some looseness in the right shoulder joint compare to his left, which is understandable as the ligaments and tendons will have been stretched / torn by the dislocation.

He has some anti-inflammatory pain killing medicine to have over the next few days and hopefully his lameness will improve. (It was already MUCH improved on yesterday when mum got him downstairs to check him over after he'd woken her).

Penny and Louis are happy to have him home

And here's the handsome patient himself

Lilly had to go and see Uncle Steve too today because her allergies don;t seem to have settled, she has some pills to take for 10 days and then we'll see how she is after that. Mum will have to shave her into a summer cut this weekend after she's had a nice bath in Aloe Vera shampoo. If she's still as itchy then she will need a second lot of vaccine with different allergens in as well as the one she currently has. We'll keep you posted.

Byee for now

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Poor Charlie

Charlie has taken quite a tumble out on his walk today. He was dashing off after Pixie and suddenly decided to come running back when he just went tumbling over himself. We're not sure if his leg gave way or if he just tripped, or what happened.

Mum noticed his leg and paw was rotated at a funny angle and took him right to the vet and it transpires that he has dislocated his shoulder. He has to go back tomorrow for x-rays so that treatment can be decided on. In the mean time he's had an anti-inflammatory pain killing injection. Mum gave him a bit of Reiki healing earlier and he perked up enough to eat some nice juicy spare rib bones for his tea. He's having a lie down in the garden where its cool at the moment. He's still been trying to play with Pixie, but it hurts him so Louis has taken over for today, or until Charlie's well enough to take up his chief playmate role again.

Please keep him in your thoughts and send him a get well wish.

Lots of love
The Beauclarke Bunch XXX

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

June 01st 2010

Once again its been waaaaaay too long since we got to use the computer. Sorry Beauclarke fans! Mum's fault again!

We're all a little sad at the moment because Scoobie Bunny isn't very well. He had head-tilt just before Christmas and recovered very quickly and completely, but he has it again now and he's not so good this time. Uncle Steve, our vet, is keeping an eye on him and mum and dad are giving him his medicine twice a day, so we hope he Will be better soon and back to his cheeky self. He's an old bunny. He's 7.

The weather has been very nice and we have lots of photos and video clips to share with you including one that mum had to get done because a journalist from Your Dog magazine has spoken to her about her experiences of having a new puppy and she asked for a photo of mum with all 6 of us! Poor photographer dad had his work cut out for him, but we think he did ok

Here we go....

Pixies first walk in the woods

Charlie's retrieve !

First time with all 6 dogs off lead

Lilly and Pixie


Monster pup


Hot dogs

Our family pawtrait outside

Sunday, 16 May 2010

May 16th

Hello peoples.

Well, what a disaster! Pixie had her final injection yesterday and we were planning a nice romp over the park with her today. The daises and buttercups are all out and the grass looks lovely and soft for her dainty little paws. BUT the weather has spoiled things, its all dull and wet and we wanted her first experience of the park to be a nice one in lovely warm sunshine. Never mind, we suppose that the park isn't going anywhere and so we can take her and show her the best places to sniff and play another time.

She has her final puppy party on Tuesday and then it will be time to say goodbye to her best friend Otis the Great Dane Akita cross. Otis has his sister to play with and Pixie has all of us so its not all bad.

Here are a few pictures to be going on with...

Cuddles with Louis

and with a soggy doggy Charlie

Discussing the new Parliament with Buddy?

Who cares about politics..did you say lunch was ready??