Saturday, 5 June 2010


We are very sad to have to tell you that Scoobie bunny was put to sleep on Wednesday. Its a relief to know that he is no longer in any pain or discomfort and that he's now happily playing with his cage mates who have gone to Rainbow Bridge before him. Us pups all said our goodbyes to him when he mum was holding him while dad sorted out trying to make his cage more comfortable for him. Scoobie was a gentleman of a bunny rabbit and we will miss him. Of our rodent family there remains just Bubble the Gerbil now. While mum and dad would love another family of piggies and bunnies, they have enough to be getting on with looking after us 6 pups and the 15 resident kitties and 2 regular strays that they feed.

Mum has had to go back to the vets for some different medicine for Charlie because his pain killer was making him sick. Instead of a tiny bit of liquid, he now has to have 2 BIG tablets instead twice a day!

With Lilly having 2 lots of tablets twice a day as well, we're running low on our stock of soft cheese triangles..what a shame! We all hope mum forgets to buy any more when she's shopping tomorrow because she'll have to hide the tablets in doggy chocolate instead!! mmmmmmm.

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