Friday, 4 June 2010

Update on Charlie

Last night, about 430am, Charlie woke mum up yelping. It appears that his shoulder had popped back into place on its own. He still went in to see the vet and had his x-rays done, and the good news is that the joint is as it should be and not out of place. He has some looseness in the right shoulder joint compare to his left, which is understandable as the ligaments and tendons will have been stretched / torn by the dislocation.

He has some anti-inflammatory pain killing medicine to have over the next few days and hopefully his lameness will improve. (It was already MUCH improved on yesterday when mum got him downstairs to check him over after he'd woken her).

Penny and Louis are happy to have him home

And here's the handsome patient himself

Lilly had to go and see Uncle Steve too today because her allergies don;t seem to have settled, she has some pills to take for 10 days and then we'll see how she is after that. Mum will have to shave her into a summer cut this weekend after she's had a nice bath in Aloe Vera shampoo. If she's still as itchy then she will need a second lot of vaccine with different allergens in as well as the one she currently has. We'll keep you posted.

Byee for now

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