Sunday, 1 August 2010

We've been to the BARK!

Hello Beauclarke Fans!

Today we went to the Bark.....ok, it is our local PARK..but mum and dad call it the bark....this video clip might explain why...

And here we are having a sniff around!!

As you may well know we have a few catty friends (15 to be precise) Now we have lots of toys and things, and love to curl up on someones lap or the sofa's...but honestly...cats!!! What do they love most of all?...cardboard boxes.....Here's Mr P (aka Peigan) in his special box

and this is Felix, Willow and Millie all snuggled up

and finally...move over's Mr Socko, Spike, Willow and Donut all loved up.

and we thought felines were supposed to be fussy.. Mind you, Dad did get the fright of his life the other day when the watering can moved and out crawled Willow! Quite how (or why) she managed to crawl into that tiny space is anyone's guess

Poor Charlie is in trouble again. Both his back knee caps are dislocating. Subluxating patellas (slipping knee caps) is not uncommon in the breed. Lilly has had both her knees repaired in the past and now it looks as though Charlie will be following suit...but, our little man isn't quite little enough and had to shed a few kilos before he can have his is he with a typical snack

Now we have to cut down on all the treats and he gets carrots instead of his usual treats....trouble is mum likes raw carrots too so its kind of one for you...and one for me...when mum dishes out the carrots!

Pixie is growing at a rate of knots and is looking more and more like a proper Cavalier every's double trouble...

Mum's been busy organising a fun dog show for this Christmas to raise funds for the PDSA Pounds for Pets appeal.....its going to be really fun with lots of classes to be entered....I wonder if its cheating if we all go???

Well, that's all for now fans..


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  1. love the double trouble pic... that would be amazing transformed into an oil painting...