Saturday, 11 September 2010

Brudder Louis has had his bandage off. Uncle Steve the vet is very happy with his progress so far.....but he's had to be prescribed a sedative as he's still being a nutter! Despite having a broken leg, all pinned and wired, he's still going nuts for a walk and keeps jumping onto his favourite spot on the back of the sofa. So he has an extra pain killer and sedative to try to calm him just a little bit...its not working! Mum has put him a t-shirt on so that he doesn't get at his leg wound, and take out his own sticthes. She may have to chop off all 4 legs to keep him still and rested! Oh poor Brudder Louis..he just wants to run and run and run and run. He'll be up and playing with his frisbee in no time..Here he is modelling his 'Santa's little helper t-shirt...only 16 weeks to Crimbo by the way!!

Daddy came to see Charlie swimming yesterday and ended up buying mum some Cavalier goodies in the form of a metalwork bust and a lead holder with a Cavlaier head on it...Mum says its Dad's fault for noticing them becasue she hadn't seen them there! Of course she's very happy to add to her Cavalier goodies collection

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