Thursday, 3 June 2010

Poor Charlie

Charlie has taken quite a tumble out on his walk today. He was dashing off after Pixie and suddenly decided to come running back when he just went tumbling over himself. We're not sure if his leg gave way or if he just tripped, or what happened.

Mum noticed his leg and paw was rotated at a funny angle and took him right to the vet and it transpires that he has dislocated his shoulder. He has to go back tomorrow for x-rays so that treatment can be decided on. In the mean time he's had an anti-inflammatory pain killing injection. Mum gave him a bit of Reiki healing earlier and he perked up enough to eat some nice juicy spare rib bones for his tea. He's having a lie down in the garden where its cool at the moment. He's still been trying to play with Pixie, but it hurts him so Louis has taken over for today, or until Charlie's well enough to take up his chief playmate role again.

Please keep him in your thoughts and send him a get well wish.

Lots of love
The Beauclarke Bunch XXX

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