Monday, 13 September 2010

Butter wouldn't melt.....

Especially for Daddy....

The Wild Beastie Louis gets his appetite back...

The Wild Beastie Louis gets ready to sleep off his meal....

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Brudder Louis has had his bandage off. Uncle Steve the vet is very happy with his progress so far.....but he's had to be prescribed a sedative as he's still being a nutter! Despite having a broken leg, all pinned and wired, he's still going nuts for a walk and keeps jumping onto his favourite spot on the back of the sofa. So he has an extra pain killer and sedative to try to calm him just a little bit...its not working! Mum has put him a t-shirt on so that he doesn't get at his leg wound, and take out his own sticthes. She may have to chop off all 4 legs to keep him still and rested! Oh poor Brudder Louis..he just wants to run and run and run and run. He'll be up and playing with his frisbee in no time..Here he is modelling his 'Santa's little helper t-shirt...only 16 weeks to Crimbo by the way!!

Daddy came to see Charlie swimming yesterday and ended up buying mum some Cavalier goodies in the form of a metalwork bust and a lead holder with a Cavlaier head on it...Mum says its Dad's fault for noticing them becasue she hadn't seen them there! Of course she's very happy to add to her Cavalier goodies collection

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Louis gets Surgery and the Rest of us a Bath!

Hello Beauclarke Fans, What a crazy couple of days its been.... culminating with Louis needing surgery today. On Monday we had all gone for a good old romp at the Bark and Louis and Pixie had bolted off chasing their Frisbee (well its Louis' Frisbee, but Pixie gives him a good run for his money...she's quick for a little pup) Any way, when they were running back mum noticed that Pixie was well in front of Louis, unusual as they normally keep pace. When he got a little closer mum noticed he was running on 3 legs, his back right leg was off the ground. When she had a look, his knee was dislocated (same knee as our brudder Charlie is having trouble with). She popped the knee back into place and popped Louis on his lead for awhile, he seemed OK so she let him off again, off he went running and out came the knee...this happened three times altogether so when we got back home mum took Louis to see Uncle Steve our vet. Uncle Steve gave him a good check over and an appointment was made for surgery on September 14th. Louis wasn't allowed out again that day. The next morning mum took us all out and Louis leg dislocated again before we had even crossed the road, but his leg stuck out of joint this time, so she carried him home and phoned Uncle Steve who agreed to operate today. Here is Louis post-op today....we know he's feeling poorly but we lurve his lime-green bandage! Buddy went off to the groomers....Here he is before..... and after....... and mum and dad stuck 3 of us in the bath...only Penny survived the multi groom... .... but only because there was no more room in the bath!!Charlie didn't really need a bath seeing as he's getting 2 a week when he goes swimming at his hydrotherapy sessions, but he is a real water baby now and insisted he got in with Lilly and Pixie! So we are all clean and tidy (except Penny who will get groomed tomorrow) and our brudder Louis is all bandaged up. He will be OK but he can't have very much exercise for several weeks, until his leg has healed properly. So no more mad dashes at the Bark for a little while. And that's all for now folks... Lots of love The Beauclarke Bunch.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Welcome to Little Man Doug

The Beauclarke Bunch would like to say a big hello to little Chihuahua Doug! A new mwmber of the Lilley household..until mum steals him away that is..hehehehhe

Charlie swims and a sad farewell

Hello Beauclarke Fans! Well, not too much to report. Charlie has been swimming to help build some muscle tone in his legs and also to help shed some excess weight. As you can see, the little fella LOVES it

He's swimming twice a week until Uncle Steve sees him again in October. We'll let you know how he gets on.

Mum's still not well enough to work but we like having her home so we don't mind, but we think she will be leaving us again in October. She'd better buy us some big bones to keep us happy!!

We have had to say a very sad farewell to our cat brother and bestest cat friend Rumblepuss. He was 11 but had been FIP symptomatic for about 2 years. He battled long and hard against this horrible disease, but mum took him for his last vet visit on August 3rd, it was time to have to say a dignified good bye to the most cat-like, friendliest puss ever. The humans laps are empty without him and we miss his furry cuddles too. He loved us pups as much as we loved him and could often be found curled up asleep in Buddy's fluffy tail, or next to us in our basket.

Goodnight little brudder cat, we all miss you