Tuesday, 27 April 2010

April 26th

Hellllllloooooooooo people!!!!

Mum's had a couple of bad days so we're behind with our blog. Sorry about that folks. She's feeling ok today though so here we are.

April 26th was a special day because it was Charlie's first birthday. We had a special tea of yummy lambs liver, kidney and chicken followed by a Chudgy Choc for desert.....if you doggy people have never given Chudgy Chocs to your pups then you really should! They're divine and specially made for us canines. But here's the birthday boy himself!

Charlie spent his special day being his usual lovable self and playing with Pixie...

Where do they get their energy from????

Yesterday Mum made Lilly have a bath. Lilly wasn't impressed!

We mean REALLY not impressed...

Wonder who's next for the soggy treatment? We all reckon its Penny's turn, but if Charlie keeps rolling in horse poo......

See you all soon

Love The Beauclarke Bunch xxxx

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday and Pixie's tortoise impression

Hello people!,

We all hope that you are ok and enjoying this lovely weather that we have been having recently. Its nice to feel the sun for a change! Our Dad snapped this rather fetching picture of Pixie and her 'brother' Charlie a couple of days ago. Where Pixie goes, Charlie isn't far behind!! We think its luuurrrrrve....

If any of you ever come to our house please remember to bring your own chair!

Pixie was getting a cuddle off Dad earlier today and decided to crawl into his hat....mum reckons this is Pixie's tortoise impression! What do you think?

Four of us had to go to the vets today, Buddy, Penny and Lilly for their monthly allergy injections (apparently just 10% of dogs have allergies...why is it that we have 50% with allergies!!!) And little Pixie went for another injection, just one more to go when she's 12 weeks and she can go out on proper walks. It was fun at the vets, we had the place to ourselves coz we had a block booking of appointments! Poor Charlie and Louis got left at home....but they didn't mind coz they didn't have to have a needle stuck in them like the rest of us did! Lilly and Penny got weighed and Lilly has lost another half kilo, Penny wouldn't sit still on the scales but it looks like she has gained 300g....Mum says this can't be right so we'll have to wait and see what she weighs next time we have to to the vet in a months time. Mum has just ordered a special weight loss food so hopefully Penny will DEFINATELY be lighter next time. Even if mum has to carry on hand feeding us she will do so as we can all be happy and healthy too. (We really like the food...but prefer the personal touch rather than scoffing it out of a bowl!!)

Well its time for our affternoon sleepies so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to you all until next time!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sleepy heads!

Oh dear! Mum had planned to take Pixie to Louis' dog training class, so she could see what went on and Pixie could get some extra socialisation......but guess who fell asleep?? BOTH of them!! Here's a picture taken just a short time before they were supposed to think about leaving for the class....the sleeps overtook them both though!

Not much to report today Beauclarke Fans, Mum's keeping a close eye on Lilly as she's very quiet today and not jumping up onto or off of the chairs...she also couldn't get up some steps without help on her morning walk. She's not limping or anything but isn't her usual self. We're at the vets on Saturday anyway so mum will get her checked over then...unless we need to go before then. Mum's given her some pain killer medicine and is helping her up and down off the chairs, so hopefully this will help. She's had her back knees operated on 3 times but this time its seems to be a front leg that's troubling her. Here she is taking it easy with Louis

Pixie's keeping the others fit anyway...

Monday, 19 April 2010

Oh Poor sweet, sweet pixie

How could anyone stick a HUGE needle into her when she has a face like this! Yes, today was vet-check and micro-chip day. She was an absolute darling and was cuddled by a whole host of people in the waiting room and by a girl on work expereince from school who wanted to be a vet. She got the all clear, which we knew she would as she is such a healthy looking pup. Of course she was a little upset with the microchip but within seconds was her usual happy self and all was forgiven. When she got home, as you can see from the following video clip, she was as energetic as ever giving Penny a run for her money....Pixie's mum was a Blenheim which is why Penny seems to be targetted for fun and games... Sorry its a little dark

A little later on out in the garden Pixie took on a 3 way tag team of Penny, Louis and Charlie....I think its obvious that Pixie was well in charge of proceedings!

She is such a live-wire when she plays but always so happy to stop and have a cuddle. Even Lilly has been playing with her today which is nice to see as Lilly can sometimes take a little while to even come down off her perch on the the back of the sofa where she takes refuge whenever there is a new comer! Its all good with The Beauclarke Bunch

Sunday, 18 April 2010

18th April 2010

Its been a very sunny and nice day here again today and we have had a nice time doing a little sunbathing. Charlie has been rolling in horse pooh again and Penny had lots for breakfast! Yeuch!! Mum caught Pixie and Louis snuggling up when they thought no-one was looking!

Cute eh? Pixie continues to settle in very well and has now met all 15 of the cats. Silly mum didn't have the camera though...actually our back yard is a right mess, we had a conservatory built before christmas but its not quite finished yet and so we're still living on a building site (its the smae out the front as well with half a drive!!) Pixie is sleeping off a HUGE tea of fresh Chicken, beef and tripe meat and Royal Canin dry food! Here she is earlier in the day playing with her ball.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Pixie's here

Yippeeee, our Little Sister Pixie has now joined the Beauclarke Bunch! She actually came a day early (yesterday) because her breeder had another dog due to whelp and so would have her hands full! She is just soooo cute and soooooo tiny! She has settled in incredibly well indeed and wasn't at all phased by 5 doggie noses inspecting her when she arrived. She was very well behaved last night and slept in a little nest on the floor by the side of mum's bed. She gave a few whimpers but very soon settled and was very good most of the night. She woke a few times and gave a little cry or two but then went straight back to sleep again. She really is a good girl. Today she has met most of the cats, and has been very good with them as well (and they have been just as good with her too, not once swatting her even when she was a little enthusiastic with her greetings). So far she has been very good with her house training and asks to go outside by pawing at the doors. Well enough whittering on, you want to see pictures don't you! You'll see that Charlie is rather taken with her! Well, here you go and we have a video clip for you too.....Pixie with her first chicken bone (don't worry we didn't let her eat the bone, just nibble off the meat!)

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hello again! We've missed you!!

Hello again! Its been a VERY long time since we posted and apologies for that. Mum's not been too well for some time. She's a tiny bit better now though so thought it was time to get back to blogging.

Us pups are still a happy and healthy bunch as you can see from our latest Family Pawtrait taken in March:

To be quite honest mum had forgotten all the passwords for our Blog as well, so that's another reason why we've been away for some time.

But we have some exciting news for you and hope that you'll forgive us for being away for so long.....

On Saturday we're getting a new baby sister!! So we'd like you all to join us in welcoming Princess Pixie of Beauclarke, pictured below at just 5 weeks, she's a charming Ruby girl who will be the foundation bitch for the Beauclarke Kennel and the beginning of the Beauclarke Empire mum has planned. Look out World...here we come!

We're all going to have fun teaching out little sister the rules of being a Cavalier. Ah the joys of puppy hood!

Our mum has kept her brain occupied while she's been ill and has gained a Diploma in Canine Studies with a Pass at Distinction and she's also qualified with the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers ( BIPDT ) as an Obedience Instructor. So the Beauclarke Empire will expand to dog training as well once mum's properly better!

It's Buddy's birthday today and he's the grand old age of 7. We have some yummy Chudgy Chocs for a special treat later on. Charlie will be 1 on April 26th and Louis (formerly Bumble) on May 6th!

Well that's all for now, but we'll be back soon...promise!