Sunday, 6 June 2010


Just to let you all know that Charlie is still limping and his leg is still turned outwards but is improving. At the moment he's playing tug with Pixie which is a sign he's on the mend! He hasn't been sick at all since he started his new medication and he's only been a very short walk of a few yards along the grassy gully way at the side of our house. The rest is doing him good.

Lilly had a bath yesterday in an aloe vera based shampoo and seems more comfortable now. Mum will sort out getting her shaved into that summer cut now she has her new clippers and blades. Now its a little cooler it will be a more pleasant task as the groom room gets quite warm in the sun! We'll get some pictures for you when its done.

Love The Beauclarke Bunch


  1. Hello and thank you so much for signing up on our guestbook!! It's so nice to meet you, a big Cavalier family, lovely Golden retriever sib and beautiful human. The family portrait is very nice!! We hope Charlie gets better soon!

    Momo & Pinot

    ps: We'd love to link your blog to ours. Hope it's ok with you.

  2. Of course....Momo and Pinot are our inspiration to blog....we just wish mum would get her act together and blog more foten!!!