Monday, 13 December 2010

A series of fortunate and unfortunate events!

Mum has a lot of explaining to we'll let her go first...... Life has once again been rather hectic here at Beauclarke Mews. But I need to back track to Easter 2010 to begin my explanation of things as they have transpired.... One day I woke up and decided that I wanted to be a dog trainer. I went to Crufts and found a couple of associations that offered training to become dog trainers. I chose The British Institute Of Professional Dog Trainers and booked to do a week long residential course. I was told that as I had no training experience that I would likely not achieve qualification, most of their students come from training schools already set up and running. I quickly booked Louis into a local training school and went along to see what went on, from session one I decided that I could do things a whole lot better.... I went away on the residential course and it was such hard work it very nearly killed me. I took my boy Louis with me and it was an eye opener to say the least. We arrived and everyone there was walking around with perfectly trained border collies, German shepherds and the like...and there was me with a tiny Cavalier who had just mastered 'sit'!! I very nearly got straight back in the car and came home again...what was I thinking??!! But I'm proud to say that I hung in there and despite being physically, mentally and emotionally wrecked I did in fact pass the course!! (Not everyone passed, some with years of training experience did not make the grade, to say the course and examinations were tough would be an understatement. It wasn't all good though, as part of the week we got to do Bronze Level Citizenship with our dogs and Louis was the only dog there who failed!! He just would not wait to go through a doorway!

When I got home again I decided that because the course had nearly killed me I was not going to waste the qualification, and so I went about setting up a dog training business. Enter DY5 K9 Puppy & Dog Training Academy which opened its doors to the first students on June 22nd, with a one hour training class once a week. Things have moved on since the and now we run 5 training sessions over 3 days a week. I have some wonderful people helping me, so a special mention goes to Rob and Nicki. I have taken and passed with Distinction a level 3 diploma in Canine Studies and also a Diploma in Dog Psychology, again passes with Distinction. I am currently studying a Diploma in Canine Communication, another in Animal Healing and also a Canine Massage Diploma. DY5 K9 has expanded to incorporate The Dizzy Pup Pet Care Shop and now SoulCandyK9 - massage and complementary therapies for dogs and humans. Interested parties can see more at the following websites:

DY5 K9 has just hosted its first annual dog show and raised a wonderful £300 for the PDSA. It was a HUGE success with 37 dogs entered...way beyond the 15 or so we were anticipating! Here's a short video clip of the show.

Mum went back to work part time in November after a long battle to get her angina better controlled, but both her parents are not well and so she made the decision to leave work to look after them. She has her training empire to keep her busy and also will do some hourly paid teaching a few hours a week to make ends meet.

Lilly had her 4th birthday on December 6th and Louis is fully recovered following his knee surgery. Charlie on the other hand is still struggling with his leg and is back at the vets this week...Mum has PROMISED to blog at least once a week now that she has more time available to do so..., so watch this space.....

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