Friday, 3 September 2010

Charlie swims and a sad farewell

Hello Beauclarke Fans! Well, not too much to report. Charlie has been swimming to help build some muscle tone in his legs and also to help shed some excess weight. As you can see, the little fella LOVES it

He's swimming twice a week until Uncle Steve sees him again in October. We'll let you know how he gets on.

Mum's still not well enough to work but we like having her home so we don't mind, but we think she will be leaving us again in October. She'd better buy us some big bones to keep us happy!!

We have had to say a very sad farewell to our cat brother and bestest cat friend Rumblepuss. He was 11 but had been FIP symptomatic for about 2 years. He battled long and hard against this horrible disease, but mum took him for his last vet visit on August 3rd, it was time to have to say a dignified good bye to the most cat-like, friendliest puss ever. The humans laps are empty without him and we miss his furry cuddles too. He loved us pups as much as we loved him and could often be found curled up asleep in Buddy's fluffy tail, or next to us in our basket.

Goodnight little brudder cat, we all miss you

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