Monday, 4 June 2012

The Olympic Flame

Not wishing to brag or anything but I HELD THE OLYMPIC TORCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My best friend Nicki was chosen to run with the Torch at Droitwich on May 24th, and we had some pictures taken.  Here they out for the new hair!!!

About time we blogged!!

Its been awhile.  We have had some birthdays.....Buddy turned 9 on April 14th, Charlie was 3 on April 26th, Louis and mum had their birthday on May 6th, Louis was 3 but mum won't tell us how old she was!  And Pixie had to have knee surgery for a traumatic dislocation, Charlie had to have knee surgery for his other knee...and Pixie has to have her knee repair repaired because she's such a live wire she has burst her internal stitches!  Pixie has a season due end of June/early July but it all depends on her knee as to whether or not she goes to see her hubby this time or if we wait until 2013.

Here are some pics and clips to sum up the last few months.
Louis turns 3

 The gorgeous painting Dad did form mum's birthday in the style of Susan Waddinton
 Buddy is 9
 Our favorite chair
 Pixie after her first surgery
 Buddy gives Charlie some licks
 A puddle of Charlie in their new donut bed
 Millie and Louis share a mat (But NOT Louis' bone!!)
 Louis in the donut bed
 Penny in the donut bed
 Pixie wants a turn in the donut bed!
 The beautiful Pixie