Saturday, 21 May 2011

The end of the Beauclarke Puppy Diary

Oh dear! Sadly the Beauclarke Puppy Diary has come to an abrupt end. Despite quite liking her rather gorgeous boyfriend, Pixie decided that there was not enough wining and dining, flowers or chocolates for the relationship to fully develop this time around. However she was very happy to snuggle up with him when she thought no-one was looking. So this time there will be no pups. She will be going back to see him again possibly later this year, but more likely in a years time. Obviously it all depends on timings of her season and when pups will be born, I have to be sure that I am around for her and the pups as much as possible. I will only be working 10 hours a week over 3 days the next academic year, but in the past I have missed a litter of kittens being born despite coming home every hour when she was due, I WILL NOT repeat that mistake again! I nearly lost one of the babies who was breech and ended up down the back of the sofa cushions, I found him bruised, stone cold and gasping his last breaths, luckily I did manage to revive him, thanks to the expert telephone help of a very good friend (that's you Heather!) but he was slightly brain damaged as a result. And so, Beauclarke Pups 2011 are now not going to this space for developments this time next year though!!

In the meantime Pixie is back home and snuggled up on her favourite chair again, chasing the cats to her hearts content and having a good old bark with Louis....when she came back home, bless him, Louis brought her a half chewed cow's hoof as a present!! Usually he's stealing stuff off her not bringing her gifts!! but he came over and gently placed it down in front of her nose! Soooo sweet!

Charlie has to go and see Uncle Steve the vet on Monday as his hydrotherapist's report mentioned his 'good' knee 'popping' and so the vet wants to check it over to make sure its not in need of we go again!!! In the meantime Charlie's stint as 'Captain of the Boat' has seen him loose 1kg in weight as well as putting on 4.5cm (cm NOT mm) around his thigh muscle! (No wonder the weight loss has been slower than I expected if he's gained that much muscle mass!! I don't know about Captain of the Boat...more like Popeye!!) We are continuing his hydro for another 10 weeks just because he loves it so much! Charlie Beau the water-baby!

We'll keep you updated of Charlie's progress.

Woofs and licks The Beauclarke Bunch

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Replies to posted comments

I am glad that people are enjoying the blog, I am enjoying writing it...I just wish we had more time to put paws to keyboard!!

In terms of Pixie's health checks....the plan was to have her MRI'd but the decision to mate her on this season kind of crept up on me! That said it is not a decision I have taken lightly or without thought, and this mating has been several years in the planning process (way before Pixie was even a twinkle in her mum's eye!!) IF I decide to breed from her again (chances are if all is well with her conception, pregnancy and birth this time, and that she enjoys being a mum, then I will) she will be MRI'd before her next litter. I feel it is paramount that only the healthiest dogs are used for breeding to eradicate and reduce as far as possible the inherent problems in this wonderful breed. As far as possible I have checked the health histories of parents, grandparents and other litters to ensure that as far as I can tell, Pixie is free from any hereditary conditions and the risk to her babies will be minimal. Of course there are no guarantees as genes can be fickle things and it is very much luck of the draw as to which genes are expressed in a particular puppy. (I am one of these sad individuals who will sit pondering punnet squares to determine possible outcome of coat colours!) In fact in my 'day job' as a part time lecturer in health & social care I get my students to look at Cavalier coat colours when teaching them about genetics!! (Far more fun than the usual things like babies eye colour!!) I am responsible for bringing these new doggie lives into the world and I take that responsibility VERY seriously and will do all I can to ensure that Pixies pup's will be as healthy as possible. They will be much loved, well socialised and well trained before they leave me and their mum to begin their own stories....

Louis birthday, Beauclarke Puppy Diary part 3 and Cavs doing what they do best

Louis reached the grand old age of 2 on Friday May 6th. As usual the event was celebrated with chocolate treats, chicken and a specially baked liver cake. The birthday boy is as handsome as ever and still running around like a puppy - well at least he was until his sister went on 'holiday'....Pixie went to stay with her boyfriend on Saturday morning. Stanley's photos really do not do him justice, he is far more handsome in the flesh than his photos show. He is the same size as Pixie and they took a liking to each other right away. Pixie is not quite ready to declare her undying love at the moment though and so will stay a few days to get to know him better!! (The reality is that she is likely a late developer in terms of her heat cycle, and ovulation has not yet occurred, until it does she will keep Stanley at arms length) She is ruling the roost at her 'holiday' home and has made herself comfortable on the laps of Stanley's family finding it much harder than I thought having her away from us. I knew I would miss her, she is such a larger than life character and a real love bug, but its like I've lost a limb! There was a huge space vacant on the bed next to me last night and I didn't like it one bit! Louis is REALLY missing her and so is Charlie. Taking the dogs out for a walk this morning was a really subdued affair without Pixie tormenting them all, and Louis was actively searching for her when we were out going to all the usual places....I can't wait to get her home, but must be patient. One thing is certain, if we are blessed with a successful mating, the resulting puppies will be STUNNERS..I don't say this just because Pixie is my baby girl, but because its a fact! As I hope you will all be able to see as the blog progresses! But in the meantime, here is a short video clip of Penny and Lilly taken today, doing what Cavaliers do best!
And here are Charlie and Louis looking glum missing their baby sister. Mark was soooo impressed with this footage of an electrical storm he took on Friday evening that he insisted I publish it on the blog, so in the interests of a harmonious marriage here it is....(be patient, the exciting bit is towards the end!!)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Beauclarke Puppy Diary Part 2

Pixie went for her booster vaccination today and saw a different vet, she was much calmer today and has received a second very clean bill of health, so its all systems go for Saturday's trip to see her boyfriend. In the meantime Charlie continues his hydrotherapy and here is a video clip of him enjoy his free-swim sessions....he's such a natural!!!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Beauclarke Puppy Diary Part 1.

Today Pixie has been to see our vet for an 'in season check' and letter confirming she is fit for going to stud. Apart from Pixie deciding that she doesn't like Uncle Steve much and wriggling the whole time, she has come out with a clean bill of health. Her heart is fine, temperature normal and no sign of any problems with her hips or knees. Tomorrow she goes for her booster vaccination and then it is all systems go for going to see her boyfriend on Saturday. I have checked my whelping kit and all is in good order, except I have had to order some new milk formula as my original stock goes out of date this month. I have also ordered plenty of good quality puppy food for Pixie to eat during her pregnancy and for the pups to be weaned on when they are ready.

If all goes well on Saturday and Pixie and Stanley like each, then an ultrasound examination will be booked for 4-5 weeks after that to confirm a pregnancy. I am not sure I will be able to contain myself during the wait but providing Mother Nature smiles on Pixie and myself we will have cause to celebrate her future motherhood in early-mid July.

I plan to record all events in the form of diary entries which will find their way onto our blog. I do not plan to photograph or video the mating or the birth, some things are meant to remain very special and very private, but there will be pictures of Stanley and Pixie playing together (taken by Stanley's owner Sue) and pictures to chart Pixie's stages of pregnancy and of course (providing all goes well) pictures of the puppies as they grow and develop.

So for now I shall leave you with a photo of the prospective mum-to-be (middle) with her 'brothers' Louis (left) and Charlie (right).

Wish us luck on our exciting journey.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Update on life the universe and everything

Buddy Bear had his 8th Birthday on April 14th and Charlie was 2 on 26th April (Louis is next on May 10th). Despite our diets mum gave us a proper birthday feast! We had yummy chicken livers, meaty bones, lamb, chicken and liver cake topped with cream cheese and of course a scrummy birthday chocolate each! Mum rocks!!! Here is Charlie enjoying his birthday duck!!
Pixie is in season again and has a boyfriend lined up for next weekend. He is a rather lovely black and tan boy by the name of Stanley. Here he is She is going to meet him on Saturday to see if they like each other. She hopes he has flowers and chocolates waiting for her...or failing that.... he likes a good game of chase and will share his toys! We think Pixie is part Greyhound she is soooo fast when running, either that or she is made from Ferrari engine parts! Charlie is still LOVING his swimming and doesn't need to wear any floatation aids at all, he swims nearly a full hour with just one or two short rests. Mum will try and remember to get some video for you all to see him looking so lovely in the water and showing off his swimming skills. He is doing very well on his diet and has lost a whole kilo now. (That's 1000g or 2.2 lbs in old money!) He enjoys his swimming sooo much that mum says he can have another course of 11 swims straight after this one. We want to win the lottery so we can all have our very own swimming pool!!