Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Louis gets Surgery and the Rest of us a Bath!

Hello Beauclarke Fans, What a crazy couple of days its been.... culminating with Louis needing surgery today. On Monday we had all gone for a good old romp at the Bark and Louis and Pixie had bolted off chasing their Frisbee (well its Louis' Frisbee, but Pixie gives him a good run for his money...she's quick for a little pup) Any way, when they were running back mum noticed that Pixie was well in front of Louis, unusual as they normally keep pace. When he got a little closer mum noticed he was running on 3 legs, his back right leg was off the ground. When she had a look, his knee was dislocated (same knee as our brudder Charlie is having trouble with). She popped the knee back into place and popped Louis on his lead for awhile, he seemed OK so she let him off again, off he went running and out came the knee...this happened three times altogether so when we got back home mum took Louis to see Uncle Steve our vet. Uncle Steve gave him a good check over and an appointment was made for surgery on September 14th. Louis wasn't allowed out again that day. The next morning mum took us all out and Louis leg dislocated again before we had even crossed the road, but his leg stuck out of joint this time, so she carried him home and phoned Uncle Steve who agreed to operate today. Here is Louis post-op today....we know he's feeling poorly but we lurve his lime-green bandage! Buddy went off to the groomers....Here he is before..... and after....... and mum and dad stuck 3 of us in the bath...only Penny survived the multi groom... .... but only because there was no more room in the bath!!Charlie didn't really need a bath seeing as he's getting 2 a week when he goes swimming at his hydrotherapy sessions, but he is a real water baby now and insisted he got in with Lilly and Pixie! So we are all clean and tidy (except Penny who will get groomed tomorrow) and our brudder Louis is all bandaged up. He will be OK but he can't have very much exercise for several weeks, until his leg has healed properly. So no more mad dashes at the Bark for a little while. And that's all for now folks... Lots of love The Beauclarke Bunch.

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