Sunday, 16 May 2010

May 16th

Hello peoples.

Well, what a disaster! Pixie had her final injection yesterday and we were planning a nice romp over the park with her today. The daises and buttercups are all out and the grass looks lovely and soft for her dainty little paws. BUT the weather has spoiled things, its all dull and wet and we wanted her first experience of the park to be a nice one in lovely warm sunshine. Never mind, we suppose that the park isn't going anywhere and so we can take her and show her the best places to sniff and play another time.

She has her final puppy party on Tuesday and then it will be time to say goodbye to her best friend Otis the Great Dane Akita cross. Otis has his sister to play with and Pixie has all of us so its not all bad.

Here are a few pictures to be going on with...

Cuddles with Louis

and with a soggy doggy Charlie

Discussing the new Parliament with Buddy?

Who cares about politics..did you say lunch was ready??

Saturday, 8 May 2010

May 6th

Today Mum turned mmuummmpphhhh years old and our baby brother Louis was one year old today!!

Here is Louis sleeping off the Chudy Chocs on top of Buddy!!

Here are Penny and Charlie enjoying a chocolate chew each..

May 4th

Hello people.

Once again sorry for the delay, Mum's fault, she's been feeling a little bit rough again. She really should let us have our own computer!

Our Godmother Nicki joined Pixie and Mum for Pixie's first Puppy Party at the vets today. Pixie made friends with a tricolour Cavalier pup called Alfie and a Yorkie, Cocker Spaniel, Springer Spaniel and two huge Akita cross Great Danes! She has 2 more parties to go with the same puppies. She was very well behaved indeed and very friendly towards the other pups and people there. Mum was very proud of Pixie's EXCELLENT recall..its 100% even with distractions. This week we'll be working on her 'sit' and possibly the 'down' as well.

Here are some pictures and videos for your entertainment...

Sleeping Pixie

Sleeping Charlie

Pixie meets Scoobie the bunny

Giant pup!