Sunday, 1 May 2011

Update on life the universe and everything

Buddy Bear had his 8th Birthday on April 14th and Charlie was 2 on 26th April (Louis is next on May 10th). Despite our diets mum gave us a proper birthday feast! We had yummy chicken livers, meaty bones, lamb, chicken and liver cake topped with cream cheese and of course a scrummy birthday chocolate each! Mum rocks!!! Here is Charlie enjoying his birthday duck!!
Pixie is in season again and has a boyfriend lined up for next weekend. He is a rather lovely black and tan boy by the name of Stanley. Here he is She is going to meet him on Saturday to see if they like each other. She hopes he has flowers and chocolates waiting for her...or failing that.... he likes a good game of chase and will share his toys! We think Pixie is part Greyhound she is soooo fast when running, either that or she is made from Ferrari engine parts! Charlie is still LOVING his swimming and doesn't need to wear any floatation aids at all, he swims nearly a full hour with just one or two short rests. Mum will try and remember to get some video for you all to see him looking so lovely in the water and showing off his swimming skills. He is doing very well on his diet and has lost a whole kilo now. (That's 1000g or 2.2 lbs in old money!) He enjoys his swimming sooo much that mum says he can have another course of 11 swims straight after this one. We want to win the lottery so we can all have our very own swimming pool!!

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