Sunday, 8 May 2011

Louis birthday, Beauclarke Puppy Diary part 3 and Cavs doing what they do best

Louis reached the grand old age of 2 on Friday May 6th. As usual the event was celebrated with chocolate treats, chicken and a specially baked liver cake. The birthday boy is as handsome as ever and still running around like a puppy - well at least he was until his sister went on 'holiday'....Pixie went to stay with her boyfriend on Saturday morning. Stanley's photos really do not do him justice, he is far more handsome in the flesh than his photos show. He is the same size as Pixie and they took a liking to each other right away. Pixie is not quite ready to declare her undying love at the moment though and so will stay a few days to get to know him better!! (The reality is that she is likely a late developer in terms of her heat cycle, and ovulation has not yet occurred, until it does she will keep Stanley at arms length) She is ruling the roost at her 'holiday' home and has made herself comfortable on the laps of Stanley's family finding it much harder than I thought having her away from us. I knew I would miss her, she is such a larger than life character and a real love bug, but its like I've lost a limb! There was a huge space vacant on the bed next to me last night and I didn't like it one bit! Louis is REALLY missing her and so is Charlie. Taking the dogs out for a walk this morning was a really subdued affair without Pixie tormenting them all, and Louis was actively searching for her when we were out going to all the usual places....I can't wait to get her home, but must be patient. One thing is certain, if we are blessed with a successful mating, the resulting puppies will be STUNNERS..I don't say this just because Pixie is my baby girl, but because its a fact! As I hope you will all be able to see as the blog progresses! But in the meantime, here is a short video clip of Penny and Lilly taken today, doing what Cavaliers do best!
And here are Charlie and Louis looking glum missing their baby sister. Mark was soooo impressed with this footage of an electrical storm he took on Friday evening that he insisted I publish it on the blog, so in the interests of a harmonious marriage here it is....(be patient, the exciting bit is towards the end!!)

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  1. Belated Birthday Greetings from my Kirra (a Ruby Cavalier) and her owner, here in the UK.

    The Birthday treats certainly sounded appealing as well as mouth watering and luv the photos too.