Saturday, 21 May 2011

The end of the Beauclarke Puppy Diary

Oh dear! Sadly the Beauclarke Puppy Diary has come to an abrupt end. Despite quite liking her rather gorgeous boyfriend, Pixie decided that there was not enough wining and dining, flowers or chocolates for the relationship to fully develop this time around. However she was very happy to snuggle up with him when she thought no-one was looking. So this time there will be no pups. She will be going back to see him again possibly later this year, but more likely in a years time. Obviously it all depends on timings of her season and when pups will be born, I have to be sure that I am around for her and the pups as much as possible. I will only be working 10 hours a week over 3 days the next academic year, but in the past I have missed a litter of kittens being born despite coming home every hour when she was due, I WILL NOT repeat that mistake again! I nearly lost one of the babies who was breech and ended up down the back of the sofa cushions, I found him bruised, stone cold and gasping his last breaths, luckily I did manage to revive him, thanks to the expert telephone help of a very good friend (that's you Heather!) but he was slightly brain damaged as a result. And so, Beauclarke Pups 2011 are now not going to this space for developments this time next year though!!

In the meantime Pixie is back home and snuggled up on her favourite chair again, chasing the cats to her hearts content and having a good old bark with Louis....when she came back home, bless him, Louis brought her a half chewed cow's hoof as a present!! Usually he's stealing stuff off her not bringing her gifts!! but he came over and gently placed it down in front of her nose! Soooo sweet!

Charlie has to go and see Uncle Steve the vet on Monday as his hydrotherapist's report mentioned his 'good' knee 'popping' and so the vet wants to check it over to make sure its not in need of we go again!!! In the meantime Charlie's stint as 'Captain of the Boat' has seen him loose 1kg in weight as well as putting on 4.5cm (cm NOT mm) around his thigh muscle! (No wonder the weight loss has been slower than I expected if he's gained that much muscle mass!! I don't know about Captain of the Boat...more like Popeye!!) We are continuing his hydro for another 10 weeks just because he loves it so much! Charlie Beau the water-baby!

We'll keep you updated of Charlie's progress.

Woofs and licks The Beauclarke Bunch

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