Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Beauclarke Puppy Diary Part 1.

Today Pixie has been to see our vet for an 'in season check' and letter confirming she is fit for going to stud. Apart from Pixie deciding that she doesn't like Uncle Steve much and wriggling the whole time, she has come out with a clean bill of health. Her heart is fine, temperature normal and no sign of any problems with her hips or knees. Tomorrow she goes for her booster vaccination and then it is all systems go for going to see her boyfriend on Saturday. I have checked my whelping kit and all is in good order, except I have had to order some new milk formula as my original stock goes out of date this month. I have also ordered plenty of good quality puppy food for Pixie to eat during her pregnancy and for the pups to be weaned on when they are ready.

If all goes well on Saturday and Pixie and Stanley like each, then an ultrasound examination will be booked for 4-5 weeks after that to confirm a pregnancy. I am not sure I will be able to contain myself during the wait but providing Mother Nature smiles on Pixie and myself we will have cause to celebrate her future motherhood in early-mid July.

I plan to record all events in the form of diary entries which will find their way onto our blog. I do not plan to photograph or video the mating or the birth, some things are meant to remain very special and very private, but there will be pictures of Stanley and Pixie playing together (taken by Stanley's owner Sue) and pictures to chart Pixie's stages of pregnancy and of course (providing all goes well) pictures of the puppies as they grow and develop.

So for now I shall leave you with a photo of the prospective mum-to-be (middle) with her 'brothers' Louis (left) and Charlie (right).

Wish us luck on our exciting journey.


  1. Rubies are a favourite of mine - if I am to have a 3rd Cavalier it will be a Ruby, I swear!

    You have a good list on health conditions in the breed and list Cavalier Health a great resource. Since you tested for hips, patellas, heart (and I assume recevied certificates) I am wondering if you also tested eyes and performed an MRI?

    YOur dogs have beautiful coats!

  2. Love your blog! I have four Cav's and one ruby who is also a little overweight (we're working on it too). Beautiful family!!