Sunday, 8 May 2011

Replies to posted comments

I am glad that people are enjoying the blog, I am enjoying writing it...I just wish we had more time to put paws to keyboard!!

In terms of Pixie's health checks....the plan was to have her MRI'd but the decision to mate her on this season kind of crept up on me! That said it is not a decision I have taken lightly or without thought, and this mating has been several years in the planning process (way before Pixie was even a twinkle in her mum's eye!!) IF I decide to breed from her again (chances are if all is well with her conception, pregnancy and birth this time, and that she enjoys being a mum, then I will) she will be MRI'd before her next litter. I feel it is paramount that only the healthiest dogs are used for breeding to eradicate and reduce as far as possible the inherent problems in this wonderful breed. As far as possible I have checked the health histories of parents, grandparents and other litters to ensure that as far as I can tell, Pixie is free from any hereditary conditions and the risk to her babies will be minimal. Of course there are no guarantees as genes can be fickle things and it is very much luck of the draw as to which genes are expressed in a particular puppy. (I am one of these sad individuals who will sit pondering punnet squares to determine possible outcome of coat colours!) In fact in my 'day job' as a part time lecturer in health & social care I get my students to look at Cavalier coat colours when teaching them about genetics!! (Far more fun than the usual things like babies eye colour!!) I am responsible for bringing these new doggie lives into the world and I take that responsibility VERY seriously and will do all I can to ensure that Pixies pup's will be as healthy as possible. They will be much loved, well socialised and well trained before they leave me and their mum to begin their own stories....

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