Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sleepy heads!

Oh dear! Mum had planned to take Pixie to Louis' dog training class, so she could see what went on and Pixie could get some extra socialisation......but guess who fell asleep?? BOTH of them!! Here's a picture taken just a short time before they were supposed to think about leaving for the class....the sleeps overtook them both though!

Not much to report today Beauclarke Fans, Mum's keeping a close eye on Lilly as she's very quiet today and not jumping up onto or off of the chairs...she also couldn't get up some steps without help on her morning walk. She's not limping or anything but isn't her usual self. We're at the vets on Saturday anyway so mum will get her checked over then...unless we need to go before then. Mum's given her some pain killer medicine and is helping her up and down off the chairs, so hopefully this will help. She's had her back knees operated on 3 times but this time its seems to be a front leg that's troubling her. Here she is taking it easy with Louis

Pixie's keeping the others fit anyway...

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