Monday, 19 April 2010

Oh Poor sweet, sweet pixie

How could anyone stick a HUGE needle into her when she has a face like this! Yes, today was vet-check and micro-chip day. She was an absolute darling and was cuddled by a whole host of people in the waiting room and by a girl on work expereince from school who wanted to be a vet. She got the all clear, which we knew she would as she is such a healthy looking pup. Of course she was a little upset with the microchip but within seconds was her usual happy self and all was forgiven. When she got home, as you can see from the following video clip, she was as energetic as ever giving Penny a run for her money....Pixie's mum was a Blenheim which is why Penny seems to be targetted for fun and games... Sorry its a little dark

A little later on out in the garden Pixie took on a 3 way tag team of Penny, Louis and Charlie....I think its obvious that Pixie was well in charge of proceedings!

She is such a live-wire when she plays but always so happy to stop and have a cuddle. Even Lilly has been playing with her today which is nice to see as Lilly can sometimes take a little while to even come down off her perch on the the back of the sofa where she takes refuge whenever there is a new comer! Its all good with The Beauclarke Bunch

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