Saturday, 17 April 2010

Pixie's here

Yippeeee, our Little Sister Pixie has now joined the Beauclarke Bunch! She actually came a day early (yesterday) because her breeder had another dog due to whelp and so would have her hands full! She is just soooo cute and soooooo tiny! She has settled in incredibly well indeed and wasn't at all phased by 5 doggie noses inspecting her when she arrived. She was very well behaved last night and slept in a little nest on the floor by the side of mum's bed. She gave a few whimpers but very soon settled and was very good most of the night. She woke a few times and gave a little cry or two but then went straight back to sleep again. She really is a good girl. Today she has met most of the cats, and has been very good with them as well (and they have been just as good with her too, not once swatting her even when she was a little enthusiastic with her greetings). So far she has been very good with her house training and asks to go outside by pawing at the doors. Well enough whittering on, you want to see pictures don't you! You'll see that Charlie is rather taken with her! Well, here you go and we have a video clip for you too.....Pixie with her first chicken bone (don't worry we didn't let her eat the bone, just nibble off the meat!)

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