Sunday, 18 April 2010

18th April 2010

Its been a very sunny and nice day here again today and we have had a nice time doing a little sunbathing. Charlie has been rolling in horse pooh again and Penny had lots for breakfast! Yeuch!! Mum caught Pixie and Louis snuggling up when they thought no-one was looking!

Cute eh? Pixie continues to settle in very well and has now met all 15 of the cats. Silly mum didn't have the camera though...actually our back yard is a right mess, we had a conservatory built before christmas but its not quite finished yet and so we're still living on a building site (its the smae out the front as well with half a drive!!) Pixie is sleeping off a HUGE tea of fresh Chicken, beef and tripe meat and Royal Canin dry food! Here she is earlier in the day playing with her ball.

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