Saturday, 24 April 2010

Saturday and Pixie's tortoise impression

Hello people!,

We all hope that you are ok and enjoying this lovely weather that we have been having recently. Its nice to feel the sun for a change! Our Dad snapped this rather fetching picture of Pixie and her 'brother' Charlie a couple of days ago. Where Pixie goes, Charlie isn't far behind!! We think its luuurrrrrve....

If any of you ever come to our house please remember to bring your own chair!

Pixie was getting a cuddle off Dad earlier today and decided to crawl into his hat....mum reckons this is Pixie's tortoise impression! What do you think?

Four of us had to go to the vets today, Buddy, Penny and Lilly for their monthly allergy injections (apparently just 10% of dogs have allergies...why is it that we have 50% with allergies!!!) And little Pixie went for another injection, just one more to go when she's 12 weeks and she can go out on proper walks. It was fun at the vets, we had the place to ourselves coz we had a block booking of appointments! Poor Charlie and Louis got left at home....but they didn't mind coz they didn't have to have a needle stuck in them like the rest of us did! Lilly and Penny got weighed and Lilly has lost another half kilo, Penny wouldn't sit still on the scales but it looks like she has gained 300g....Mum says this can't be right so we'll have to wait and see what she weighs next time we have to to the vet in a months time. Mum has just ordered a special weight loss food so hopefully Penny will DEFINATELY be lighter next time. Even if mum has to carry on hand feeding us she will do so as we can all be happy and healthy too. (We really like the food...but prefer the personal touch rather than scoffing it out of a bowl!!)

Well its time for our affternoon sleepies so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to you all until next time!

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