Sunday, 14 August 2011

Getting up to date!

Well hello again Dog Bloggers! Very sorry we have been away for awhile again! (Blame Mum....always blame Mum!!) But we do have some things to share with you and some pictures and video clips to make up for us not blogging for awhile (again....MUM!!!) We are still waiting on the go-ahead from Pets As Therapy to begin visiting. They did warn us that the wheels of a charity run slowly and so it could be up to 12 weeks, but one of Mum's referees is on holiday at the moment so that could well be holding things up. Charlie is looking forward to his debut and can't wait to tell you all about it! Pixie continued on with her phantom pregnancy and mum decided to step in and get her to the vet to make sure there were no puppies. A thorough investigation and examination ensued and she was declared not pregnant and so she had to have some medicine to make sure stop the phantom pregnancy. Mum gave her the first dose and all was well until she came in from the garden a few hours later with this in her mouth.............

Mum and Dad almost had a heart attack! At first glance they thought she had a dead puppy in her mouth! As it turns out it was a chunk of Spookie Cat's fur (Spookie will NOT be groomed under any circumstances and is better off left to moult naturally, because she is long haired she moults like a camel!) Since this escapade Pixie has been good as gold!

Here are a few piccys and clips for you......

Charlie free swims at Bearhugs Hydrotherapy

Penny looks guilty and her devil horns are on display (look at the top of her head!)

Who shot Penny Pyewacket????

And who shot Louis?????

And Felix the cat!!!!!?????!!!!!!

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