Sunday, 21 August 2011

Farewell Felix

Very sadly we have to report that we have had to say a fond farewell to Felix Cat. He was a little over 12 and lost his battle with FIP on Saturday 20th August. He was gently put to sleep and gave Mum one last head rub before he slipped away. Felix enjoyed a short show career and won the Best in Show Household Pet accolade on several occasions, his show career ended prematurely when we were diagnosed with FIP in our cat colony. He was a huge boy before his illness robbed him of his size and weight, but his personality remained as large as ever. One of his favourite pass times was drinking from a running tap and he would miaow constantly until someone turned the tap on for him. He will be missed. Goodnight Felix, sleep peacefully and we will see you at Rainbow Bridge.

Not wishing to end on a sad note, Mum took Pixie and Lilly along to the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Show in Worcester today, both were entered but not for competition. It was a very very hot day most of it spent queueing for heart and eye testing, but it was all worth it as Pixie was clear of both heart and eye problems and has the certificates to prove it. So we are one step closer to becoming an accredited breeder! All we need now is Pixie to have her next season and to get together with her 'fella' so we will have a litter to register! Watch this space.....

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