Thursday, 21 July 2011

Charlie, Lilly & Pixie's news

Well, only Buddy, Penny and Louis have escaped having something to blog about this time!

We'll begin with Charlie who had his assessment for Pets As Therapy this morning. Mum is SOOOOOO proud of him. He was just BRILLIANT, no, PERFECT in fact. Not one negative thing on his report! But it was almost a disaster thanks to mum's bad planning. His assessment was over in Shirley near Solihull where Mum used to live 20 odd years ago. Its been a very long time since Mum had been over that way and so she forgot that the 17 or so miles to the place takes over an hour to travel to. She allowed and hour and 15 minutes just in case, and time for a quick run and pee in the park.....except the traffic was AWFUL and there were roadworks everywhere and it was pouring with rain so the run in the park turned into a lead dash on a grass verge...where Charlie decide to forage in the long grass and came out GREEN! Covered form head to toe in a million billion grass seeds! DISASTER!!!!!! So back in the car and a quick brush at every traffic light and traffic queue for the remaining few miles!!! But we arrived with seconds to spare and time for a thorough brushing to turn his coat a beautiful flowing Ruby again! There will be grass growing in Mum's car for ever though!! Soooo many seeds! So, the assessment went VERY well indeed. We will be sending in all the forms today and have a wait of up to 12 weeks for them to be processed and the final judgement to be received.

Lilly has yet another problem, poor love! Now she had a huge abscess on her bum which has burst and left a monster of a hole. She's on 2 types pain killers and 2 different antibiotics. She is being a very good patient for Mum when she has to clean out the wound.

And Pixie is being a monster! She's decided to have a phantom pregnancy! She has been nesting for the past week and has taken to 'mothering' a green rubber crocodile!!!

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