Saturday, 9 July 2011

More news of Lilly

Hello dog blog followers.....

We hope you are all healthy and happy this fine July day.

Our beautiful Lilly is having yet more problems. We noticed that her recall has become almost non-existent, unless she is looking at you, and she doesn't wake up even if you yell and drop things by her. The only way to wake her is to touch her and then she jolts awake. So off she went to see the vet today and he confirmed she is deaf. Also he checked her eyes and her 'good' eye has a cataract on it and he's surprised she has any vision in that eye as he can't see back to the retina with the opthalmascope. Lilly seems happy enough and is plodding along as usual. That's our brave big sister for you.

Our other news is that Charlie has his PAT assessment on July 21st so wish us all the best of luck for then. Mum has mentioned his 'thing' for having his lead in his mouth but the assessor doesn't think that will be a great problem.

We have to say a big thank you to Charlie's hydro therapist, Jacqui from Bear Hugs, who planted the seed in Mum's head and for the lovely comment in her recent e-mail saying
'Who wouldn't want our web footed wonder to visit them and make them smile'
She's exactly right! Charlie has whispered a poem to mum too about his swimming expertise......

My name is Captain Charlie Beau
I'm Captain of THE boat
I can swim for miles and miles,
While other dogs just float.

I practise all my swimming strokes
In water deep and blue
You can join me if you like
But I'm way faster than you!

I still refuse to chase the duck
That Jacqui likes to squeak
I prefer to swim and swim
I can't wait for next week....

I don't like the pesky jets
That make the water swirl
I prefer the languid strokes..
Just watch my silky fur curl
As I swim away the miles
With Jacqui close behind
I could stay in here all day...
I wonder if she'd mind?

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