Friday, 3 July 2009


Poor little Charlie Beau had to visit Uncle Steve the vet and was micro-chipped! He squealed like a girl! Have you seen the size of those micro-chipping needles??? They're monster, massive, huge and gargantuan! Hmm, they're big and he's little so no wonder he squealed. Mum used to be a nurse and even she was horrified at the size of the damned needles. She saw a cat getting chipped many years ago and since then has always has us micro-chipped while we are under anaesthetic when we got de-sexed. But a few liver treats I'm glad to say Charlie Beau was right as rain after a couple of seconds. He has to have his second injection next week and then he'll be able to come out with us on our woodland walks. He'll like that he will. And now he's chipped mum can relax a little if he gets lost. Well OK, if ANY of us got lost mum would panic like crazy and would have a search party organised in seconds!

Penny likes to do a runner every now and again, but mum's sussed out her hiding place now and knows where to start looking for her. Penny is all mouth and no trousers! She'll bark and bark at other dogs when she's on the lead, but when she's off-lead she runs and hides! Wuss!

Lilly is almost as bad, but she just runs down the road to chase off the stray cats that mum and dad feed by the front door. They have to make sure she is on her lead before the door gets opened other wise she's off like a greyhound despite having had 3 major knee operations on her back legs! Luckily, we don't live on a main road but it still scares mum and dad to death if she runs off because they don't want her to get squashed.

Buddy Bear is the only one of us (so far) who behaves himself. The worst he will do is run up to a stranger and slime them to death! Wonder what little Charlie Beau will be like when he's allowed off-lead????

Here's the three of us Cavaliers waiting for our treats....

And some video of Charlie Beau and penny playing...until next time........

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