Sunday, 19 July 2009

OOOO long time no blog! Busy, busy being doggies and having fun!

Look!! Mum bought us some new sofas that we can snuggle on.........We think we're cute!

Do you think little Charlie Beau has grown? We do! He is allowed out for walkies with us all now and can even go off lead when we're over the wood. We've all been playing a trick on Mum. She's been teaching Charlie Beau his recall and every time she calls him to her she gives him a we have all temporarily changed our names to Charlie Beau, so every time she calls him, we all come running so she has to give us all a nice tasty liver treat! yummy!

Charlie Beau and Penny are still best friends even though Penny is naughty sometimes. Charlie has found out that he can get up the stairs now.......but he can't get back down again and needs mum to rescue hm. Penny likes to make him chase her up stairs and then he gets stuck up there while she runs back down! Poor Charlie! I guess it makes up for him hanging off Penny's ears and tail all day long!

There's only so much a girl will take! :-)

Here's Lilly using Charlie as a pillow. Apparently he's a very comfy dog to lie on - mum and dad say that he's always lying on them so this makes a nice change!

And speaking of comfy...doesn't Buddy look a happy chappie on his sofa???

Today was grooming day. Penny got in a bit of a mess and so had to have a bath. When she had dried off she was thoroughly groomed all over and even had her feet trimmed today. She was ever so well behaved. Mum is doing a grooming course in August and Penny gets to go with her for a professional pamper - mum will be doing the pampering so lets hope she's not too bold with the clippers!! Lilly got her ears and tail thoroughly brushed and her feet trimmed and Charlie Beau had to go through the motions even though he has no fur yet!! Well not much anyway. He was well behaved though. We have no idea why we get bathed when all we do is go right out and get muddy over on our woodland walks!

Finally we couldn't resist this video snippet of Penny and Charlie playing tug of war with a cuddly lamb!

Disclaimer......The Beauclarke Brood do not advocate playing with real lambs in this manner...

Warning....... This video contains LOUD cavalier snoring courtesy of Lilly

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