Saturday, 4 July 2009

Mum's written a poem..........

A cavalier obsessive is what they label me
I wish I had all four of them but right now there's only three
Lilly is a tri-colour with the softest silky ears,
Penny is a Blenheim who's antics leave me in tears
Then there's little Charlie Beau, the cutest ruby boy,
He'd rather chew my fingers, that his chewy puppy toy.
Soon I'll have a black and tan and then I'll have the set,
Please don't tell my husband, I haven't told him yet!
King Charles himself had lots of them and a special one called Fubs,
I want at least 15 of them - a football team plus subs!
A cavalier obsessive is what they label me,
I wish I had hundreds of them, but, for now, there's only three.

Don't worry Buddy, mum loves you just as much as us!

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