Thursday, 9 August 2012

wow posting so soon!!

Well you can tell mum's on holiday, we're blogging again already!

Pixie is doing well since her ops and is going swimming with Charlie again now, so hopefully we can get that leg of hers built up nicely.  Emmy is doing well too and Daisy has settled in really well. She has quite a few toys but her favourite 'toy' by far is Charlie! And Buddy is the best climbing frame ever!

Mum is EXTREMELY proud of herself as she has been on a training course and can now use an ultrasound scanner to detect pregnancy is cats and dogs.  Our lovely grandparents, Nannie Jean and Pa have lent her some money and she has bought a scanner of her own, a very posh Landwind C-30Vet. There is a great website she has set up at  (And a big thank you goes to auntie Vicki for help coming up with the rather clever name of Pregnant Paws Scanning! Lilly went along (as moral support for mum) to the scanning course and when mum scanned her she found out she had some bladder stones again.  So off we went to the vet complete with the scan to get a diagnosis confirmed and so we can start treat Lilly and hopefully avoid surgery.  Its brilliant to have been able to spot something before symptoms appear and hopefully now Lilly will not need to go under the knife again, as she was really sore after her last bladder surgery so mum and dad are keen to avoid that ever again!

Daisy started her puppy parties at the vets this week but she'd had rather a busy day chasing Doug the Chihuahua around so all she wanted to do was sleep! Doug goes home today though so she should be more lively for her class next week!

So here are a few more photos and video clips to sum up the last couple of weeks...enjoy.....
 Louis give us his "I've just eaten the puppy" look!

 Can you spot the puppy???
 Did you guess right?  She's tucked up behind Lilly's bum and Louis' front leg!
 No idea why this is the wrong way but its all 6 Cavs. Daisy is such a little dot!

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