Sunday, 29 July 2012

I know, I know, its been awhile!  But we have LOTS to tell you and some new friends to introduce! The furry family here at Beauclarke Mews has grown.

AS you know Pixie has already had 2 surgeries on her knee....the first to repair a traumatic dislocation, the second to repair the repair as she had torn her internal stitches. Well unfortunately the knee continued to dislocate after the second surgery and so she had to go in again for surgery number 3....a tibial crest transposition with trocheaplasty....basically they break the shin bone, realign it and pin it and cut a deeper groove for the knee cap to sit in. OUCH
Here she is with Penny on the left and Lilly on the right just after op number 3.  She came into season in between ops 2 and 3 and obviously with a dislocated knee and further surgery needed she did not go to see hubby Bailey.  Hopefully she will be recovered enough in January/February when her next season is due to go see him then.  I say hopefully because she has since undergone a 4th surgery as the pin that was put in started to work its way out and a further surgery was needed to replace the pin and put in a second one to try and stabilize the fracture further.

MUMMMMMMMMM Charlie's in MY crate!!!!!

Unfortunately she seems to be suffering from awful cramps following her 4th surgery and isn't herself at all.  She is seeing the vet on a regular basis and we are managing her pain the best we can. The pins can come out in September so she is getting plenty of TLC for now.

We said 'Hello' to a new kitty sister recently too.  There were no plans to add to the feline family but we couldn't ignore this kitty plight and stepped in.  A neighbour came over to see if we had lost one of our cats as she had seen a cat hanging around her house for a few weeks.  Well, no, we hadn't lost one of our feline friends, but mum and dad went to take a look and found a badly dehydrated, emaciated but very friendly female cat.  It was obvious that this little creature needed to see a vet and so mum and dad adopted her.
So welcome EMMY, so called in honour of her amazing Emerald green eyes that flash like opals. They really are stunning!!  Emmy has hyperthyroidism ans will need medication for the rest of her life. She is about 12 years old and gaining weight VERY slowly but surely.  She will be very much loved and cared for here at Beauclarke Mews.

We have also added a new little sister to the Beauclarke Bunch.  Meet Daisy Rox.....a tiny 7 week old black and tan female.  We'll let the pictures say its all........

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