Friday, 7 August 2009

Bumble gets his second shot

Hello good people and welcome once again to the Beauclarke dogblog!!

Here we are - the four Cavaliers - all in one spot for once!! L-R Penny, Lilly, Charlie Beau and Bumble

A video clip to start you off today - a few seconds of cuteness from the Cavie boys..........

Now, Mum has been very busy working at home since we last blogged and she's been hogging the PC all day long so we've not had a chance to keep you updated. Sorry about that folks!

Bumble went to have his second injection today (and yes - he squealed like a girl again!!) so now he will be able to join us on all of our woodland walks. We're sure he'll love it! He has been on some pavement walks already where Mum can keep an eye on him and he's behaved impeccably on his lead.......(except today when Mum decided to take him shopping to the market and he decided that walking to the edge of the car park was far enough for one day after a harrowing trip to the vets where he got stabbed again!! - don't worry folks...within seconds of Uncle Steve giving him his jab he was all lovey dovey again and kissing the vet his forgiveness!) So he got carried around the market and by all accounts decided this was much better as he could better see all that was going on around was easier for people to pet him as well!!

Mum, in her ultimate wisdom has decide to take up a few of the slabs in our back yard and has planted some bushy things which the boys like to chew. She was kind of hoping that they would grow and give us and the cats some more shade but the boys prefer chewing them at the moment (she made sure they were not toxic before buying them!) However, here is Millie our Maine Coon 'sister' showing us how it should be done....(Fat chance Mum, if its stays still long enough we'll chew it - if it moves, we'll chase it!!! hehehehehehehehe)

Well, we're off for our afternoon walkies now and then out to play in the garden this afternoon while the weather is nice.

Wuffs and wags the Beauclarke Brood!

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