Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hello and Welcome!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Dog Blog!!!!

We are a family of 4 dogs and this blog is all about us.

Buddy Bear (aka Orlas Faithful Buddy) is a 6 year old Golden Retriever who spends more time in the vets than out!

Lilly (aka Clentview Chantilly) is a 3 year old Tri-colour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who runs at the sight of a brush and snores like a train!

Penny (aka Hextonsview Bramble) is a 2 year old Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who's white bits are constantly grey and dips her ears in everything!

Charlie Beau (aka Prince Red Alert) is a 9 week old Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who goal in life is to torment Lilly!

Mum is Lady C, an aspiring writer and Cavalier obsessive who is desperate to collect 'the set' (We need a black and tan pup to complete the set of colours of CKCS available). Don't tell Dad, but when mum wins the lottery or gets to be a famous writer she's going to have a football team of Cavies (12 plus subs!!) and there will be puppies coz she wants to breed Cavie babies. Mum has a bad back and can't always take us for walks so Dad looks after us all. Mum gets the cuddling and grooming job and Dad is in charge of walks and feeding - mmmmm - Dad is a GOOD cook!! Chicken, lambs liver and kidney are our favourites.

We live with LOTS of other furry creatures called cats. There are 15 in all. Rumblepuss, Felix, Willow, Poppy, Godzilla, Spookie, Mr Socko, Millie, Muffin, Noodle, Pan, Peigan, Spike, Cookie and Donut. There were a few more but Middleton, Lovely and Angel had to go to Rainbow Bridge. We miss them very much but its Ok though because we know we'll see them again someday.

We also want to mention a very special friend, who left us to go to Rainbow Bridge on May 4th this year. Charlie Beau never met his big sister but we've told him all about her. She was a proper golden Golden Retriever and left us when she was just 2 days short of her 7th birthday. This made us all very sad. Here's a picture of her so you can all see how beautiful she was....

That bit about Rainbow Bridge was a bit sad so Mum thought you'd like to see some puppy madness to lighten the mood again so here is Charlie Beau and Penny playing. Lilly 'hides' on the armchair coz Charlie Beau is a little too boisterous for her. (She had surgery 2 days ago and is still a bit sore). She was the same when Penny came to live with us but soon became firm friends and no doubt Charlie Beau will soon have Lilly under his tiny little paw. Enjoy the video......more from us another time.........

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  1. absolutly fantastic, wat a lovley video charlie beau looks so happy x elaine x