Sunday 23 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Well hello again Beauclarke fans.  Wow oh wow have we got news for you!!!  As you know, the Beauclarke Bunch had their ranks swollen by the addition of little Daisy Rox a few months ago.  Well they have swollen even further by the addition of Pixie's husband to the ranks!! WELCOME to Khatibi Angus Macaotup at Edenloch aka Bailey.  To cut a very long story short, Bailey's owner decided that the time had come to find him a new home and so he was offered to mum and the rest is history! Bailey has settled in really well and is now a fully fledged member of the Beauclarke Bunch. We are waiting for Pixie to come into season (anytime now....) and then hopefully there will be some puppy eggs for us to blog about.  Mum has been quite busy honing her ultrasound scanning skills on her Pregnant Paws clients and so will be keeping a close eye on Pixie following mating with Bailey for any sign of little new lives growing in there! No doubt mum will become a better blogger if Mother Nature decided that 2013 is the year of Beauclarke Pups!!
Daisy is growing at a rate of knots and has a particular skill of 'shuffling' on command (well, when Dad asks her too any way!). She is a pretty little thing and LOVES her cuddles.

There is some sad news in that we had to say goodbye to BONGO one of our outside stray cats that we have been looking after for a few years.  Just one remains now, POGO, who we hope will be with us for a long time yet.  Bongo is at Rainbow Bridge along with all our other furry friends that we have loved and lost over the years.

Enough chatter...more pictures!

Thursday 9 August 2012

wow posting so soon!!

Well you can tell mum's on holiday, we're blogging again already!

Pixie is doing well since her ops and is going swimming with Charlie again now, so hopefully we can get that leg of hers built up nicely.  Emmy is doing well too and Daisy has settled in really well. She has quite a few toys but her favourite 'toy' by far is Charlie! And Buddy is the best climbing frame ever!

Mum is EXTREMELY proud of herself as she has been on a training course and can now use an ultrasound scanner to detect pregnancy is cats and dogs.  Our lovely grandparents, Nannie Jean and Pa have lent her some money and she has bought a scanner of her own, a very posh Landwind C-30Vet. There is a great website she has set up at  (And a big thank you goes to auntie Vicki for help coming up with the rather clever name of Pregnant Paws Scanning! Lilly went along (as moral support for mum) to the scanning course and when mum scanned her she found out she had some bladder stones again.  So off we went to the vet complete with the scan to get a diagnosis confirmed and so we can start treat Lilly and hopefully avoid surgery.  Its brilliant to have been able to spot something before symptoms appear and hopefully now Lilly will not need to go under the knife again, as she was really sore after her last bladder surgery so mum and dad are keen to avoid that ever again!

Daisy started her puppy parties at the vets this week but she'd had rather a busy day chasing Doug the Chihuahua around so all she wanted to do was sleep! Doug goes home today though so she should be more lively for her class next week!

So here are a few more photos and video clips to sum up the last couple of weeks...enjoy.....
 Louis give us his "I've just eaten the puppy" look!

 Can you spot the puppy???
 Did you guess right?  She's tucked up behind Lilly's bum and Louis' front leg!
 No idea why this is the wrong way but its all 6 Cavs. Daisy is such a little dot!

Sunday 29 July 2012

I know, I know, its been awhile!  But we have LOTS to tell you and some new friends to introduce! The furry family here at Beauclarke Mews has grown.

AS you know Pixie has already had 2 surgeries on her knee....the first to repair a traumatic dislocation, the second to repair the repair as she had torn her internal stitches. Well unfortunately the knee continued to dislocate after the second surgery and so she had to go in again for surgery number 3....a tibial crest transposition with trocheaplasty....basically they break the shin bone, realign it and pin it and cut a deeper groove for the knee cap to sit in. OUCH
Here she is with Penny on the left and Lilly on the right just after op number 3.  She came into season in between ops 2 and 3 and obviously with a dislocated knee and further surgery needed she did not go to see hubby Bailey.  Hopefully she will be recovered enough in January/February when her next season is due to go see him then.  I say hopefully because she has since undergone a 4th surgery as the pin that was put in started to work its way out and a further surgery was needed to replace the pin and put in a second one to try and stabilize the fracture further.

MUMMMMMMMMM Charlie's in MY crate!!!!!

Unfortunately she seems to be suffering from awful cramps following her 4th surgery and isn't herself at all.  She is seeing the vet on a regular basis and we are managing her pain the best we can. The pins can come out in September so she is getting plenty of TLC for now.

We said 'Hello' to a new kitty sister recently too.  There were no plans to add to the feline family but we couldn't ignore this kitty plight and stepped in.  A neighbour came over to see if we had lost one of our cats as she had seen a cat hanging around her house for a few weeks.  Well, no, we hadn't lost one of our feline friends, but mum and dad went to take a look and found a badly dehydrated, emaciated but very friendly female cat.  It was obvious that this little creature needed to see a vet and so mum and dad adopted her.
So welcome EMMY, so called in honour of her amazing Emerald green eyes that flash like opals. They really are stunning!!  Emmy has hyperthyroidism ans will need medication for the rest of her life. She is about 12 years old and gaining weight VERY slowly but surely.  She will be very much loved and cared for here at Beauclarke Mews.

We have also added a new little sister to the Beauclarke Bunch.  Meet Daisy Rox.....a tiny 7 week old black and tan female.  We'll let the pictures say its all........

Monday 4 June 2012

The Olympic Flame

Not wishing to brag or anything but I HELD THE OLYMPIC TORCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  My best friend Nicki was chosen to run with the Torch at Droitwich on May 24th, and we had some pictures taken.  Here they out for the new hair!!!

About time we blogged!!

Its been awhile.  We have had some birthdays.....Buddy turned 9 on April 14th, Charlie was 3 on April 26th, Louis and mum had their birthday on May 6th, Louis was 3 but mum won't tell us how old she was!  And Pixie had to have knee surgery for a traumatic dislocation, Charlie had to have knee surgery for his other knee...and Pixie has to have her knee repair repaired because she's such a live wire she has burst her internal stitches!  Pixie has a season due end of June/early July but it all depends on her knee as to whether or not she goes to see her hubby this time or if we wait until 2013.

Here are some pics and clips to sum up the last few months.
Louis turns 3

 The gorgeous painting Dad did form mum's birthday in the style of Susan Waddinton
 Buddy is 9
 Our favorite chair
 Pixie after her first surgery
 Buddy gives Charlie some licks
 A puddle of Charlie in their new donut bed
 Millie and Louis share a mat (But NOT Louis' bone!!)
 Louis in the donut bed
 Penny in the donut bed
 Pixie wants a turn in the donut bed!
 The beautiful Pixie

Monday 9 January 2012

Mother Nature says NO

Today we had Pixie's scan. We were so sure she was expecting as she is ever so clingy (beyond her normal cuddly self) and her coat so lustrous! But there was not a single puppy to be seen on the scan. We will rescan in a couple of weeks just in case she was a little later with her ovulation that was indicated on the Idexx test, but its not looking good. Never mind, it just means Bailey will be getting another visit from his 'wifey' in a few months!

We hope you are all having a good New Year so far!

Watch this space for more news from us soon!

The Beauclarke Bunch! xx

Sunday 18 December 2011

And finally the news from Beauclarke Mews!!

We are SO very sorry we have not blogged in know who to blame though eh? We have told Mum about making a New Year resolution to blog REGULARLY but don't hold out much hope. But Mum does have quite a bit going on at the moment folks. Both of her parents are not too good health wise and her Dad especially faces a New Year of daily radiotherapy and more chemotherapy so things have been a bit hectic for our Mum. Don't worry though fans, our Daddy had been brilliant looking after us all while Mum has been running around doing a great blue arsed fly impression. (We wanted to say headless chicken but Mum thought it might offend the vegetarians amongst us.)

And so on with the update from the past few months! Lilly is fully recovered from her bladder stones and apart from needing one more urine test this week sometime to make sure there are no crystals building up again, she is ok. What a year its been for her with the facial paralysis and the bladder stones! But she is still such a sweet girl and gets on with life in her own happy way. She LOVES rides in the car and Santa has bought her a pair of Doggles so she can have her head out of the window to her hearts content without Mum worrying about her getting anything in her eyes. (think of cavalier ears flying free in the wind and the theme tune to Titanic playing and you have a good idea of Lilly with her head out of the car window!)

Charlie and Mum are now official Pets As Therapy volunteers and have been doing weekly visits at a local care home for the elderly for a few weeks now. Charlie loves all the fuss and attention and behaves impeccably. Mum wears her yellow Pets As Therapy T-shirt with pride and Charlie has his own uniform too. Anyone out there with a friendly dog should really think about having their dogs assessed to be P.A.T dogs and giving an hour of their time to this wonderful endeavour. It really is so very rewarding.

Mum had her Annual Winter Dog Show on December 4th and it was a great show too. There were 37 dogs in competition as well as a few along for a doggie day out. The funds raised went to Hounds For Heroes and a cheque was sent off to the value of £220. On December 17th there was the DY5 K9 Academy Christmas Pawty, Lilly and Charlie went along to represent the Beauclarke Bunch and had a lovely day. Those of us left back at the Mews didn't miss out though as the left overs found their way into our tummies. Oh, (whistful sigh), liver cake topped with cream cheese frosting and hotdog sausages is simply divine! The plan was to raise funds towards massive veterinary bills for a little Cavalier with hydrocephalus called Royston but sadly little Royston went to Rainbow Bridge earlier this month. The £120 raised will find its way to a deserving cause though. Little Royston we hope you are running proud and free at Rainbow Bridge, we will all see you there someday you brave little man.

And sadly Rainbow Bridge has claimed 2 more of our cat friends since we last blogged. First one of our stray cats friends, Bingo, was having problems breathing and so she went off to the vet. Sadly things were not looking good for her and Mum made the decision (in agreement with the vet) that it was time to say goodbye. Bingo was only a young cat and her loss came as a terrible shock, but in the end the right decision was made for her and her end was both dignified and peaceful. Then less than 2 weeks later, we had to say goodbye to Spike. Spike was special to us all because he was a cat that quite literally came in from the cold one icy February day some 11 years ago. He was so sick, full of fleas and ear mites and the tiniest little fully grown cat we had ever seen. (We called him Compact Cat too!) So Mum came home from work one day to find Spike snuggled up in Dad's arms and after a vet visit to sort out his problems and a short time in isolation so he did not pass on his respiratory tract infections he joined the Jezebell Cats. He was a gorgeous and friendly boy, his coat patten made him look like he was wearing a tuxedo, liking nothing better than a lap to snuggle on. Goodnight Spike, We all miss you so much. OUR HANDSOME BOY SPIKE
After such sad news we would like to end on a brighter note, and hopefully one that will culminate in more positive start to 2012 after the 'annus horribillis' (sorry Mrs Queen of England but the phrase just fits so well!) that 2011 turned out to be!! Drum roll please.........Pixie may be expecting pups! She came into season at the very end of November and went to meet her new 'husband' the rather grand Khatibi Angus Macoatup at Edenloch (Bailey to his friends). Lets just say they enjoyed each other's company and Pixie will be having a scan on January 11th to see if she is indeed expecting. There is a chance of all 4 colours in any litter that Bailey and Pixie would have, and Mum has decided that should we be blessed with pups in February, then the first born male will carry the name Beauclarke Royston The Brave in honour of little Royston Cavalier who lost his battle with his illness so recently. All we need is for Mother Nature to smile on us and of course we will let you know via the blog.

So to you all may we wish you a Very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Plentiful 2012.